Pinterest Widely Rolls Out 'Scheduling Pin' Feature To Business Accounts

Finally You Can Schedule Pins on Pinterest with a built in feature (no third-party tool is required)Pinterest has long been considered an underdog in the world of social media but the fact of the matter is that this content discover platform has definitely created a niche market for itself. Pinterest has now rolled out some cool new features that are very much in line with the general direction that the world of social media is headed in. The main update that we are going to be getting to this artsy social media platform is something that is going to please the people that take posting on this platform quite seriously (especially social media and community managers).

Basically this new update is going to allow business account users to schedule their pins in advance (currently this feature is not available for regular pinners however users can convert a personal account into a business one to get this built-in scheduler). Basically when you click on the pin builder button, you are going to see two options at the bottom. These two options would be “Publish Now” and “Publish at a later date”. If you select the “Publish Later” option, you are going to see a drop down menu that will show you the various times at which you can schedule your post based on half hourly, military time slots. Once you have selected the optimal time for your post to go up, you are going to have to click on a red button to save your pin and ensure that it gets posted at the right time.

Note: You can schedule only images, (video scheduling is not supported at this time). Plus you can have maximum 30 images in your scheduler.

Here's How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest and stop paying third-party software

You will see a section on your profile that says “Scheduled Pins” right under "Pins" tab. You can go into this section to see your scheduled pins or delete any of them if you so wish.

Finally "Schedule Pins" for later updates arrives on Pinterest

As you can see, this whole process is pretty simple and intuitive and it will definitely be a huge boon to Pinterest based marketing campaigns. Pinterest is also a breeding ground for small arts and crafts businesses so this will definitely be a big help there as well.

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