Beware: AI will track you for sharing passwords of video-streaming websites

We are often guilty of sharing the password for Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go with our family members, friends, and romantic liaisons. However, a UK company named Synamedia has a plan of action to track down users who share passwords with others.

At the CES this year, the UK-based firm unveiled a new service that utilizes machine learning to spot shared passwords.

The company further elaborates their feature by explaining that they analyze data from all streaming services that enroll to their platform. The factors that they consider include the location of the user, the device being used, and the local time. The artificial intelligence also assesses the content being watched and the history of the user to determine infringement.

The CTO of the company explains that a typical telltale sign of shared password would be of a subscriber simultaneously watching content on the East Coast and the West Coast of the US.
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Upon asking the consequences of sharing a password, the company says that it decides after checking the sharing pattern. For example, if the login details have been sold online to multiple users, the company will ultimately terminate the account. However, if it seems harmless and the sharing of passwords is between members of the same family – Synamedia will email them and suggest the upgrade to a premium account.

According to the company representative, the approach is to discipline the users and avoid the up-sell of accounts.

The company also notes that the demand for Synamedia’s service is increasing which means that other services are concerned about piracy issues and want to maximize their revenue through organic means.

The new system – called the Credentials Sharing Insight is currently being trialed by a number of firms. However, Synamedia refused to share their names.

Sharing passwords for a video streaming site? This company will use Artificial intelligence to track you down
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