The Most Popular Social Media Platforms of 2019

In today’s social networking era, Facebook dominates the industry by boasting an account of 85% of the internet user’s worldwide (excluding China). This shows Facebook’s ability to retain members in spite of the growing competition and facing stock downfall of 38% since July.

YouTube follows second, with Facebook Messenger on the third tier. WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter are also decent contenders and fall just behind the top three.

A new report from GlobalWebIndex shows that many messaging services such as Snapchat, Line, Viber, and WeChat are actually popular within certain demographics and markets. This comes as a surprise since these platforms post low in the infographic below.

When it comes to messaging services, there is a close tie between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. While Facebook leads in the number of members WhatsApp sees more monthly users. Snapchat comes third, however, fails to see much success in North America, especially among Generation Z.

The report also makes it apparent that Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp are the regularly used platform for networking, entertainment, and messaging respectively.

Other findings from the study include:
  • Majority of users on YouTube are either visitors who have not logged into their accounts or are not even members in the first place
  • Most YouTube users are between the age of 16 and 24
  • The age group between 16 and 24 is also more likely to be active on Instagram than the 55 – 64 demographic
Take a look at the chart below and see the social sites that lead the race.

Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Apps (2019)

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