Microsoft Broadens Access to MyAnalytics for Office 365

MyAnalytics is a tool developed by Microsoft that was originally intended for people that were using Office 365 for business purposes. The purpose of the tool was to allow people to look at how much work they were doing, and get legitimate and tangible data that they would be able to use in order to figure out how they should manage their time as they moved forward in their career.

You could basically use MyAnalytics to figure out if you were going to meetings that were not all that productive and hence a waste of your time, as well as whether you were working too much after hours. One of the biggest benefits of a platform and a tool such as this is that it makes it easier for you to look into analytics that you could show to your employers as proof that you are working hard enough to deserve that raise.

A great update that Microsoft recently revealed is that MyAnalytics is no longer restricted to premium or business users. Now, pretty much everyone around the world that uses Office 365 would be able to use this tool to ascertain how much they are working. According to Microsoft, the primary purpose of this tool is to prevent people from burning themselves out at work. We are living in a day and age where people are frequently encouraged to work as hard as possible for as long as possible, and while this is good for profit making entities it is not very good for the health of the people working at these companies.
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Overall it is a good thing that MyAnalytics is being made available to everyone out there. Microsoft is also expanding the range of apps used to collect data for analytics.

Microsoft expands MyAnalytics work tracker to all Office 365 users
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