Philanthropist YouTuber MrBeast Tells the Secret to His Success

YouTuber and philanthropist who give away millions, explains where all his money comes fromJimmy Donaldson AKA MrBeast is a rising star on YouTube, and the truly amazing thing about him is that his channel is quite unique. This is a very difficult thing to do on YouTube, a platform where you have countless people creating works of art across varying fields, genres and traditions. What MrBeast does is different, however, and the fact of the matter is that it is turning him into a literal YouTube star. You’ll be surprised at what he does, because what he does is… give away money!

It all started with the first sponsored video that he got. Starting out as a game channel, MrBeast was able to make some headway in the world of YouTube and get a few people to start watching him. This made a brand seek him out and offer him $10,000 to sponsor one of his episodes. Once he got the money, instead of spending it himself he decided to do something wild: go out and give it to the first homeless person he saw. Once he did this, he instantly went viral.

This lead to a cycle that involved him getting bigger and bigger sponsorships. The more money he gave away, the bigger he got. He regularly gets millions of views on his videos, so the ad revenue from Google AdSense alone is enough to sustain him even if he gives away all of his sponsor money. That being said, the sponsorships he gets are probably so valuable now that ten thousand dollars doesn’t seem like all that much!
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By this point MrBeast has given away over a million dollars. He is making random people very happy and helping a lot of people out, and he is earning good money in the process. That seems like a match made in heaven!

Watch, what Donaldson explains about his experience in this video:

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Featured Photo: MrBeast / Instagram


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