Automated Spam Filter Rolls Out on Android Messages

Google has been pushing Android messages quite aggressively. This is ostensibly being done in order to get a foot in the door when it comes to messaging apps. After all, pretty much everyone has a messaging app now. Facebook has three! Google has decided to think a little outside the box on this one and try to bring people back to good old fashioned text messaging, albeit with a little more advanced technology. This is going to be similar the iMessages app that combines regular text messaging with internet based messages that you can send to people that also have iPhones.

An additional feature is being rolled out as part of Google’s overall plan to turn Android Messages into a viable option that people would want to use on a regular basis. This feature is basically an automated spam filter. If you give this filter permission to view your text messages, it would be able to scan the various messages that you are receiving and put them in a separate spam folder.

Android Messages’ automatic spam protection has started rolling out

This could help you get fewer unnecessary notifications as well, something that can end up being very useful indeed if you have been getting bombarded with text messages that would not have anything to do with you but whose sole purpose would instead be to advertise to you in some way.

One concern that a lot of people would have would be regarding their overall user privacy. Google is notorious for data breaches after the Google+ scandals of the previous year, so people might be a little unwilling to give the tech giant access to scan their very own text messages. However, a lot of people might just throw caution to the wind and decide that it is a risk that’s worth taking.
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