GoDaddy Is Tracking Performances of Its Customers' Websites: Here's How to Opt-Out

GoDaddy, a domain provider is all set to use a new technology called RUM (Real User Metrics). For RUM to work, JavaScript code has been added into the sites. By inserting JavaScript code, there could be issues like site loading slowly.

Although a help document is provided by GoDaddy about changes, customers are still kept into illusion regarding RUM and tracking of the websites’ performances.

RUM will help follow and evaluate the performance of websites. Almost all customers have been kept unaware about it and still involved in it.

On the whole, it is not much beneficial for the customers, instead, GoDaddy is working to improve its systems and servers.

According to GoDaddy's help page, there will not be any problem for customers who are opting for RUM. The only issue could be the slow performance of the site due to JavaScript used.

Ways to Opt out of RUM, if you are using domain provided by GoDaddy:

· Sign in to your cPanel and select the hosting account

· Click on the menu, represented by three-dots and select “Help Us”.

· Choose “Opt Out” from there.

This will let you get rid of RUM and you can continue with your previous settings.

Caution: GoDaddy is Adding Unwanted JavaScript to Websites and Hosting Services

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