Some important things you probably didn’t know about WWW, Domain, and Hosting (infographic)

Some important things you probably didn’t know about WWW, Domain, and Hosting (infographic)

To ease the communication between different departments, Cern first started the use of WWW or worldwide web - maybe a sort of - in 1991. That was the very first wireless communication using computers. Since then many websites have been developed and numerous domain names have been sold worldwide.


There are a number of domain names available in the market. But in fact, it is the variety and versatility of domain names that add an interesting character to this seemingly technical product. People try different methods to offer a distinct character to their domain names. Some would go for single-letter domains while others would make it as large as possible. Some creative minds would also go for the quirkiest names to attract the attention. Welcome to the Showbiz called Domain names!

TLD sales

TLD stands for top level domain or the segment that follows the second Dot in a website’s name. For a long time, the TLDs were a simple thing. Commercial businesses would go for a .com domain name while .org, .gov or .edu was generally used by relevant authorities like government organizations, educational organizations, etc. The market was not crowded with too many TLDs. But later on many different TLDs were introduced like ccTLDs to represent specific region- .in, .uk, .fr, etc. Some are used to represent a particular industry like .NGO, .Travel etc. The year 2016 saw a huge growth in some TLDs like .zip (13th Rank), .nba (89th rank) and .you (92nd Rank). However, surprisingly, .shop could not go beyond 174th rank despite of its commercial character.

Domains - the digital Gold

It would not be an exaggeration to say that domain names are the “digital gold nuggets” that can offer exponential benefits to their sellers. In many cases, it can be compared with shares or property market but in some cases they even fare better! Unlike stock market, domain names are not highly volatile or prone to delisting and they don’t necessarily require you to invest huge amounts like property market. The best thing is that they can offer the profitability that is simply phenomenal. Consider this - was sold for 35.6 million and begged 35 million dollars. Even if we leave these exceptions, you can still earn a decent amount by becoming a domain reseller.

Infographic courtesy of: EverData.
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