Why You Should Back Up All Flickr Pictures Before February

Flickr users with a large number of pictures on Flickr are advised to save their pictures by the 5th of February, 2019 or risk losing them. It was reported in April that SmugMug bought Flickr from Yahoo; now it has begun changing the service with consequences for users.

Flickr sent an important reminder to users and the following details are crucial to understand for users that plan on using the service: “Free members with 1,000 photos or videos uploaded to flickr have until Tuesday, January 8th, 2019 to update to flickr pro or download content over the limit". Adding further, "After January 8, 2019, members over the limit will no longer be able to upload new photos to Flickr. After February 5, 2019, free accounts that contain over 1,000 photos or videos will have content actively deleted- starting from the oldest to newest date uploaded- to meet the new limit”.

SmugMug took a jab at Yahoo, from which it bought Flickr, in a blog post in November 2018: “In 2013, Yahoo lost sight of what makes Flickr truly special and responded to a changing landscape in online photo sharing by giving every Flickr user a staggering terabyte of free usage. This, and numerous related changes to Flickr product during that time, had strongly negative consequences”.
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Many users are having trouble in accessing their Flickr accounts because they were created a many years ago and these users have since changed personal details like phone numbers or email addresses. This makes it hard for users to recover their accounts and access. Online buyers and sellers probably cannot recount all of the accounts they have created over the years and are likely to be unable to access them.

Users that have SmugMug accounts, these accounts require a fee, can import photos from Flickr to new galleries provided they remember their Yahoo login details.

Reminder for basic account holders: Save Your Flickr Photos Before February 5th

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