Facebook Finally Launches Messenger UI Design to Mixed Reviews

A while ago a number of people caught a glimpse of a UI overhaul for Messenger. This overhaul involved a completely different look for Messenger as well as an overall streamlined user interface that was ostensibly meant to make it easier for you to get the message across in a manner that would be both efficient as well as simple for people that are not all that good with technology.

One of the aspects of the update is the fact that Messenger has far fewer tabs now. The instant messaging platform previously had nine tabs, but now it has three. This is great because of the fact that most people simply didn’t use those extra tabs, so all they really did was that they cluttered up the interface and made it difficult to make the most of your instant messaging experience. These three tabs include a single tab that would allow you to see a list of all of your recent chats which you can open up according to your preferences, a separate tab that would feature all of your contacts and the final tab being reserved for chatbots as well as the various games that you could potentially play while you are using messenger.
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Facebook Messenger's Big UI redesign update is widely rolling out and users have mixed reactions
Screenshot: Androidpolice

The color scheme is a lot simpler, which is something that a number of other tech companies such as Google are going for. Also, the removal of the favorites section is quite nice because of the fact that it has made the app simpler.

However, some of the features that Facebook had initially promised such as the night mode are not available It is for this reason, as well as a general internet citizenry that is averse to change, that the overall response has been rather mixed.

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