Apple Bring Changes to Rules of "Shot on iPhone Challenge"

Apple’s photo contest “the Shot on iPhone Challenge” finally have a change in its terms after receiving much backlash from photographers, artists and media critics. The unfair rule which was not giving winners their due right is now changed and Apple has decided to pay a license fee to winners for their pictures.

The updated blog post about the contest says that Apple believes in compensating artists for their work. Top 10 photographers will be offered license fee for their pictures to be used by Apple on billboards or other advertising platforms.

Rules of the contest are also altered. Firstly it was stated that there will be no cash reward. Now Apple has changed them and has agreed upon monetarily compensating photographers by giving them a license fee for using their pictures in marketing. Even after the changes in the rules, the previous rules can still be seen on Apple’s site.

Artists worldwide have been fighting for their rights and recognition of their work. A Giant Corporate, Apple’s decision about not offering cash reward came as a surprise, disappointing many.
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Upon questions being asked, the company did not answer any queries. It simply brought about changes in its decision of not compensating the artist for their creativity. Using someone else’s work for your own advertising and marketing is considered unethical. The amendment in the rules has been appreciated by the artist community.

Apple changes its mind, announces it will pay photo contest winners after Backlash

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