"The Shot on iPhone Challenge" to become the next viral photography trend?

Tech giant, Apple has come up with a new challenge that will allow iPhone users from all across the globe to share their photography skills and expertise. The challenge, known as the “Shot on iPhone Challenge,” kicked off on the 22nd of January, and is said to continue till the 7th of February. A panel of judges has already been set, which includes the renowned White House photographer Pete Souza. The judges will review thousands of entries from all across the globe and pick out the TEN best photos. The winning entries will be displayed all across the globe, on Apple’s billboards, stores, and website.

The Shot on iPhone Challenge is one of Apple’s latest marketing campaigns to help increase its ranking in the current technological market, given their drop in sales in the previous year. The challenge will help users become more engaged with their iPhones and connect with the company in a fun and creative manner. Photographers and creatives from all across the globe are encouraged to apply, as soon as possible.

To compete in the challenge interested iPhone users, simply need to shoot a photo using an iPhone. The pictures taken are supposed to follow Apple’s set criteria i.e. the photos should be free from any kind of nudity, copyright infringement, and any inappropriate content. The image shot should be edited using the iPhone’s in-built editing apps or any other third-party applications. The images are to be publicly shared via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ShotOniPhone, with the model of the phone mentioned.
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The images can also be emailed to shotoniphone@apple.com using the format (i.e. file name): "firstname_lastname_iphonemodel." E.g., "ali_siddiqui_iphone7"

Moreover, for Apple’s Chinese, the user’s the images can be shared on Weibo with #ShotOniPhone# or the Chinese version of the hashtag #⽤iPhone拍摄#.

Further details and the official rules regarding the Shot on iPhone Challenge can be found on their website at apple (PDF).

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