Will the new Twitter feature spark rivalry between ‘iOS and Android’ users?

Twitter has rolled out a new feature that shows the name of the service used to send out the tweet from. Simply put, this means that Twitter will display whether the user is using a web browser, mobile iOS, Android device or a third-party services (such as Buffer, Hootsuite and IFTTT).

The feature was quietly rolled out to Twitter’s clients earlier this month and is receiving a mixed reaction from the users. While some are happy to get additional details, other users are finding it as an unnecessary addition to spark a rivalry between iOS and Android users.

Interestingly, we came to find out that the app detail feature is not actually new. In 2012, Twitter introduced a similar tactic to unify users across devices and push people into using their official apps. At that time, Twitter was trying to rein the mass of third-party apps that were popular with the users in order to merge its advertising finance from a single platform.

However, that was long ago and much has changed at Twitter. In fact, the social media platform has become massively popular in the six-year span and boasts more than 330 million users. The many third-party apps, famous at that time don’t exist anymore either and the official app of Twitter is ruling the masses.

Nevertheless, Android users who find the details “exposing” their devices are not welcoming the new feature.

Take a look at the tweets that show concerns of Twitter users here.

Besides initiating an argument between the two mobile tribes, the same feature is also uncovering secrets of a few brands. For example, a Korean boyband sponsoring LG devices was discovered using an iPhone while the Apple Music team sent out a tweet with an Android device.

These and many more ‘secrets’ are spilled from the new feature.

Twitter’s newest feature is reigniting the ‘iPhone vs Android’ war
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