Infographic: The annual cost of broken smartphones in America

We all drop our phones frequently and if fortunate – the smart devices don’t suffer too much damage.

However, an infographic by SquareTrade shows that more than 50 million phone screens are accidentally smashed by Americans. In fact, around 66% of smartphone owners admitted to damaging their phones within the last year.

SquareTrade conducted a survey of some thousands of smartphone owners and took their feedback regarding the accidental damages caused to their phones and expected repairs cost.

Here are some of the key findings from the survey:

· Cracked and scratched screens are the most common type of smartphone damage

· Touchscreen issues occur less than non-operational batteries

· More than $3.4 billion was spent on damage repairs by phone owners last year
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Additionally, smartphone consumers have a misconception regarding the cost of repairs. According to the infographic, the majority of the phone owners assume that a cracked screen costs less than $150 to repair while high-end models cost around $300.

Above all, smartphone consumers are wary about purchasing protection for their phone and usually leave off repairing damaged phones as long as they are functioning.

Check out the complete infographic below:

Mobile myths cost consumers dearly, as Americans report spending $3.4 billion replacing millions of smartphone screens last year
Infographic: Why Americans' broken smartphone screens cost them $3.4B last year
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