Despite the popular belief, Social Media might be good for your teen

Numerous researches have been done on social media and its negative influence on younger generation. However, contrary to the belief – a Pew Research Center report shows that some social media is actually good for the teenagers. In fact, Pew surveyed around 743 teens for the report from which 81% claimed that social media makes them feel more connected with peers.

Take a look at some of the key findings from the report:

• 69% of teens said that social media helps them make friends with a more diverse group of people

• 71% of youngsters say social media makes them feel included while 69% feel it makes them more confident

• 24% of millennials say that online groups have helped them get through troubled times in their life

• Teens who are occupied with academic obligations feel that social media helps them socialize and keep in touch with friends

Teens say social media helps strengthen friendships, provide emotional support, but can also lead to drama, feeling pressure to post certain types of content

Nevertheless, there are negative consequences of social media. In the survey, almost 45% of the teens have confessed that they are often overwhelmed by the drama that goes on social media. Moreover, another survey concluded that, 59% of teens have experienced some sort of cyberbullying through social media.

The data shows that most teens are not as apprehensive about social media as their parents are and perhaps there is some good in allowing your teenager to use social media.

Above all, just like everything else in life, social media also brings both – positive and negative impact on the teens of America. With time, the technology trends will be clearer and maybe, experts of the field will make social media safer for the teen by controlling the freedom of speech, harassment, and bullying that occurs frequently.
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