Infographic: Cyber bullying on the rise as the use of social media increases

Nowadays, the internet is easily accessible to the public. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices have made their way conveniently in our homes and in the hands of our children. However, the increasing use of the internet has also made our teenager more vulnerable to harassment over the World Wide Web.

Cyberbullying is not limited to writing hateful and embarrassing comments on other user’s profiles but also includes cyberstalking and impersonation.

Today there is a growing concern amongst parents regarding cyberbullying. However, with 95 percent of teens having access to their personal smartphones and nearly half admitting to staying online constantly – the number of cyberbullying witnessed by them is not a surprising figure.

Due to the high online activity of teens on social media, a majority of them have experienced cyberbullying first-hand or witnessed friends being the victim.

In fact, according to an infographic prepared by Rawhide shows:

• 95 percent of teens who experience cyberbullying have ignored the behavior.

• The social media with the most cases of cyberbullying is Facebook while Twitter is ranked at number 2.

• 64 percent of teens who experience cyberbullying claim that the same impacted negatively on their academics and personal life.

Nevertheless, teens are embarrassed about their experience and hesitate telling parents or an elder family member due to the potential consequences. On the other hand, children who are friends with their parents disclose the situation in hope of some help.

Take a look at the infographic below and find out more about cyberbullying and ways to prevent the issue.

Teen Cyberbullying and Social Media Use on the Rise [INFOGRAPHIC]
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