Instagram Stories Now Includes Music in Question Sticker

Instagram Stories’ question stickers can now be used to share musicThe question sticker that you can add to your Instagram stories has become one of the most popular stickers used on this particular feature on the social media platform. This is because of the fact that it helps boost engagement by an enormous amount. It seems like Instagram has caught on to this high rate of usage and is adding even more functionality to the sticker. Basically, users now have the option to answer a question with music instead of using typed out words.

This is a pretty cool feature, and one of the most useful ways in which it could be applied is when people are looking for new music that they can listen to. One can imagine the possibilities from here, as there are a number of music apps that can be integrated into this. If you get a song in response to a question that you have asked on your Instagram story, you can share that song back to your story. This would basically open up the front camera and record you jamming out to the song, thus adding another layer of interaction to the feature.
"You can also use the question sticker in Live, which makes asking questions to people you admire more exciting and interactive.", announced Instagram in a press release.
Instagram has been trying quite hard to boost its stories feature, ostensibly in an attempt to further undermine the hold that Snapchat has over Gen Z users. This is a huge market that, if secured, could mean a long and prosperous future for pretty much any social media platform. Instagram’s parent company Facebook has been adding the stories feature to pretty much all of its properties, even places like WhatsApp where it doesn’t make sense. It’s good to see the social media conglomerate focusing on the one property that needs this option the most, and adding cool features to it to make it as fun to use as possible.
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