Google Is Experimenting With A New Design In Its Mobile Search Results For Some Queries

Whenever you search for something media related and well-known figures, such as about a famous singer or a movie that recently won an award, the result of your search query will be displayed on Google in a card form at the very top of the search results. These results were previously given solid colors, but Google seems to be rebranding and part of this involves a super minimalist color scheme that favors translucence above all else. It seems like the latest target of this widespread design are the aforementioned search cards.

It should be noted that the functionality remains pretty much the same. The search cards are going to be exactly where they are, and the only thing that seems to be changing is the color of the cards in question. Essentially, the colors are becoming softer and a little translucent. The look is definitely a lot more modern, and is easier on the eyes to boot. Google has been changing things up in a lot of ways by making their search feature a little more community oriented, ostensibly in response to Facebook taking similar measures with their own social media platforms. While the color scheme does not really add to this in terms of functionality, it definitely does a lot to make Google seem more vibrant and a lot younger than it actually is.
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One important thing to note is that only a few users have reported seeing the newly colored search cards. Most users are still seeing the solid colors that we have gotten used to. Hence, it seems like Google is not ready to roll out the new UI just yet, it is just testing the update to make sure that no problems are occurring.

Google is testing a new cards UI for movies, music, books and personalities for its mobile search results
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