5 of the most important social media stats for 2019 (infographic)

Hootsuite’s annual report has all the answers to marketer’s social media dilemmas for the year 2019.

The importance of social media is apparent in both – our personal and professional lives. However, as we approach the New Year’s, marketers are apprehensive on how social media will change and importantly - how they should adapt to the innovative trends.

Hootsuite conducted a survey of more than 3,000 users who recorded their insights on the predicted trends of social media for the coming year.
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Here are some of the key findings from their report.

· With the recent security breaches, consumers are expecting better security and transparency on social media platforms.

· Story-based feeds garner more attention and engagement from the consumers.

· Paid-ads are predominant for securing more followers.

· Integrating a message platform within their social media account is vital.

· E-commerce strategy should also be implemented within social media.

Simply put, just like every year in the internet world – new challenges, formats, and trends await the marketers. Take a look at the infographic here to find out more about the statistics on the upcoming social media trends with ways to enhance the marketing strategy.

Top 5 Social Media Trends in 2019 (And How Brands Should Adapt)

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5 of the most important social media statistics for 2019 (infographic)
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