7 Effective Ways to Engage Audience With Live Videos [infographic]

Live streaming is all the rage and it continues to grow at an exponential rate. According to Google, approximately 50% of users look for videos related to a product or service before making a purchase decision. There is no denying the fact that video has now become an indispensable marketing strategy. There are a number of social media platforms that are featuring a live streaming option, making it a lot easier to reach your target audience.

Live videos are undoubtedly the most genuine way to connect with your target audience and engage them on an emotional level. Marketers are leveraging this medium to create brand awareness and promote their products or services. If you are not using live videos in your marketing strategy, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Live streaming can help your brand to reach hundreds of thousands of new customers and generate tons of revenue for your business.

Nowadays more and more people are watching video content, it can be strategically used to create active engagement. You can create excitement, immediacy and a strong connection with your target audience by providing them with fresh video content.
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Live streaming not only generates maximum user engagement, but it also encourages viewers to email or text to tell friends and family about your brand. So, it’s undoubtedly a great idea to engage with your consumers on a personal level and build a strong trusting relationship between your brand and your audience. Being an online marketer, you should experiment with different types of video content to better connect and engage with your audience, increase conversion rate and create brand awareness.

Whether you use Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, if done right, live streaming can help marketers to take their brand towards unprecedented heights of success. From live webinars to behind-the-scenes videos, you can take advantage of live video strategy in a number of ways and create excitement among your audience. This will help you get hundreds of thousands of shares and comments while helping you grow your brand exponentially.

Branex has created a beautiful and visually-grabbing infographic on how brands can harness the power of live videos and engage with their target audience. Have a look.

7 Useful Tips To Engage Audience With Live Videos – Infographic. 7 Live Video Streaming Best Practices to Boost Engagement and Reach
7 Useful Tips To Engage Audience With Live Videos – Infographic
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