YouTube Removed Almost 8 Million Videos And 224 Million Comments Last Quarter

YouTube is probably one of the best video hosting platform for all kinds of creators. However, this can also lead to a lot of problems because of the fact that questionable content often ends up getting uploaded to the platform. Hence, it is pretty common for the video streaming service to remove videos that are uploaded to the site. A recent community guidelines enforcement report that YouTube released shows that the video streaming service had removed nearly eight million videos over the course of the last quarter. Four out of every five videos that were removed were detected to not follow the community guidelines by YouTube’s own algorithms. A further three quarters of that number were removed before they were viewed by even a single individual.

YouTube also removed a whopping 224 million comments from its site that violated its terms of use. Most of these comments, videos and users were removed for posting spam, or for posting adult themed content which is not allowed on the site. According to YouTube, whenever it removes a comment or a video, the user that posted said comment or video will receive one strike. Two more violations will result in said user being banned. However, users that committed an “egregious violation” were banned instantly.
"We will be unwavering in our fight against bad actors on our platform and our efforts to remove egregious content before it is viewed. We know there is more work to do and we are continuing to invest in people and technology to remove violative content quickly.", announced YouTube in a blog post.
YouTube has been placing particular emphasis on child safety according to the aforementioned blog post. This is a step in the right direction after scandals rocked the platform such as the “Daddy of Five” vlogger who uploaded several videos that involved abusive behavior towards his children and managed to get a serious following before the channel was removed and he ended up facing legal action.

It is good to see that YouTube take the removal of policy violators so seriously, and it bodes well for the platform moving into the future.
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7.8 Million YouTube Videos Were Removed During the Third Quarter 2018 and Over 224 million comments were also taken down
Image: AP Photo/Danny Moloshok
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