Google to Make G Suite More Accessible for Non-Account Holders

G Suite is Google’s corporate product that is used by a lot of people that want high quality services for their companies. However, one of the biggest problems associated with G Suite was that you needed to have a Google account in order to access it. This could be exclusionary for people that prefer to use other forms of communication, and the fact that G Suite is meant for corporate use means that it should not gatekeep in the manner that consumer facing products made by the same company tend to do.

It seems like Google has realized this because of the fact that it is making G Suite documents available to non-account holders, something that will go a long way towards making the platform a lot more accessible to a wide variety of corporate clients. Certain countries like China don’t have access to Google products, which means that collaboration with people living in China using G Suite is pretty much impossible. However, the fact that documents are now accessible to everyone, not just account holders, will go a long way towards making the platform a lot more versatile.
"We are introducing a beta for an easy pincode identity verification process that will enable G Suite users to invite non-G Suite users to collaborate on files as visitors, using PINs (Personal Identification Numbers).", announced G Suite in a blog post.
The process of sharing documents with people that don’t use Google will involve generating a pin code, sharing a link to the document with the individual and subsequently telling them to use the pin code in order to access the file. The files that can be accessed include documents, spreadsheets and slides, and in order to avail this feature a company will have to fill in a form that will give them access to the beta version. Admins can be assigned that will be able to log and view the users of a particular document and revoke permissions as they see fit.
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Google will make it easier for people without accounts to collaborate on G Suite documents

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