Facebook Gives “Life Events” Feature a Facelift

Facebook’s “Life Events” feature has been an important part of the platform’s enduring popularity over the years because of the fact that it really instilled a sense of nostalgic community into the platform and allowed people to make the space that was their profile truly their own. This feature is getting an update, and will have a lot of new additional features that are designed to make the whole experience a lot more intuitive, immersive and overall give users the sort of Facebook profile that they have been requesting for a while now.

One of the new features in “Life Events” is the option to add pictures or videos to the post. Facebook will also be adding a bunch of stock images that you can use if you don’t happen to have any pictures of the event that you are posting about. An interesting aspect of this update is that your life events are now going to get a specific section of your profile. This section will feature a list of your various life events, thus allowing both you as well as the people that might view your profile to see a list of all of the significant events that occurred over the course of your life.

Facebook Updates Life Events with New Features and Prominent Profile Placement

The primary purpose of this update is probably boosting user engagement. After all, the Life Events feature is one of the more popular, if under the radar, aspects of Facebook. Research conducted by the social media platform clearly indicated that people wanted more of this feature. This is definitely a cool update that Facebook is bringing to the platform. It is among a few other updates that have been implemented recently, including a snazzy update to the way the platform looks on its mobile app.

Facebook Updates Life Events with New Features and Prominent Profile Placement

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