Top 10 SEO trends for the year 2019

Technology trends change with every passing year and it is important for digital marketers to stay updated with the current happenings to deliver exceptional performances for their consumers.

Here, let’s take a look at the predicted SEO trends for the year 2019 that will assist the strategists to dominate the SERP’s and increase their revenue.

1. Develop a better understanding of the audience

What does the audience prefer? Do they like content filled with images or do infographics help them gain a better understanding of brands? What about videos? Does the targeted demographic enjoy the videos or do they skim past it?

Knowing this and more is vital for SEO success in 2019.

Even if the site is perfectly curated and optimized, it will not reach high rankings in the search engine if it targets the wrong audience. In fact, experts of the field recommend SEO specialists to conduct a target audience survey along with the keyword research for optimal results.

2. Look beyond Google search

Yes, Google dominates in all aspect of search engine rankings but SEO professionals should also concentrate on other platforms. Their SEO strategy should not only concentrate on improving their Google search engine rankings but also be applicable for all medium.

3. Structured Data Markup is essential

Utilization of structured data is also important – according to industry experts.
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With AI on the rise, it is expected that Google would want to move from a mobile-first landscape to an AI-first world. In order to easily adjust to the change, SEO experts need to understand and utilize structured data for an improved ranking.

4. Create content that converts

Content is and always will be the king of digital marketing. As per the recent update in Google Algorithm, the focus highly remains on content quality when determining SEO performance. In fact, the assessment of SEO performance of different sites reveals that websites with high-quality content saw better rankings when compared to those with weak written material.

5. Increase expertise, authority, trustworthiness

The Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) included in Google’s search quality rating guidelines will be another key trend for SEO specialists in 2019.

Generally, with E-A-T, Google and other search engines mean to add content that is relevant, establish the author as an expert and are integrated with enhanced security to increase trustworthiness.

6. Invest in technical SEO

Technical SEO is a complex area of website designing and requires the developer’s utmost attention in 2019. The technical SEO includes (and is not limited to) the speed of a website, JavaScript, and progressive web apps. Since Google rewards the website that fulfills the requirements of technical SEO; developers should ensure that all criteria’s are met with perfection. Though you can practice some SEO techniques yourself, however, if you are new in this industry, it's better to take the help of enterprise SEO solutions.
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7. Integrate on-page optimization

Top 10 SEO trends for the year 2019

On-page optimization will continue to hold importance in 2019. Some effective approaches to on-page optimization include:

· Creating content that answers common user questions

· Ensuring searches are providing relevant results

· Ensuring recurrent customers are provided the history of their commonly purchased items

· Customer support responds instantly

· Making use of chatbots to streamline the customer support procedure

· The website is easily navigable

· Creating a user-friendly fulfillment funnel (by producing short and to the point process forms)

8. Prepare for the voice searches

Voice searches have received a lot of attention in 2018 and their popularity will increase in 2019 as well.

When compared to written searches, voice search is easier and faster. However, to keep them prominent in the coming years as well, marketers should innovate the technology so it adapts to the different demographics.

9. Experience the power of Machine Learning

Machine learning is a powerful tool and marketers should implement it in their daily SEO practices. Tech experts highly recommend machine learning in 2019 and predict it to enhance search engine rankings significantly. Machine learning not only influences data curation for SEO but also ensures better analysis and reporting.

10. Optimize for feature snippets and other optimization content

In addition to optimizing websites, SEO strategists should optimize for the Google search experience as well. Simply put this means that enhanced focus should be on featured snippets and other Google search features to gain better visibility in SERPs.

These were just some of the SEO trends predicted by industry experts for the year 2019. Share your views in the comments below!

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