How Long Does it Take to Rank in Google? - #infographic

It’s what we all desire to say. “My web page ranks on top of Google!”

But how many of us get to say this?

You know the importance of this rating. With the arrival of the internet and search engines, it was out with phonebooks and in with Google. Now when someone needs ANYTHING, they turn to search engines. So you don’t want to be the last company that doesn’t rank.

Without online search, how else will you benefit from untapped target markets?

Don’t get despondent if this hasn’t happened yet. Sometimes understanding a situation motivates you for the road ahead. That’s why The Website Group is excited about sharing the results of an in-depth study with you.

How long does it take to rank on Google?

Use this infographic to learn about trends on search engines and see how most companies do. Most companies? Yes, a total of 2 million pages and 2 million keywords were used in this comprehensive study. And the results are eye-opening.

No there aren’t any shortcuts. But do you want to know what really matters? What helped pages to rank in the Top 10?

You’ll find out as you browse through the data and proof showing you which factors matter. Domain authority. Keywords. Everything.

And don’t worry. The dynamic graphics make it easy for you to understand this complex portion of modern business and communication. A few facts will help you form realistic expectations and achievable goals.

And then you can keep on pushing until you outrank the rest!

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