Why is there a need for Parents to Spy or Track their Child’s Cell Phone Activities?

In the current digital age, as a parent, it becomes a must for you to provide your kid with a cell phone. A cell phone enables your kids to reach out to you instantly in case of an emergency. The idea of providing a cell phone with security in mind is valid; however, the smartphones of today are capable of doing much more than mere calling or traditional messaging. Children use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Tinder, Snapchat; all on their smartphones. You simply can’t tell whether they are indulging in any kind of inappropriate communication or not.

If your kids tell you everything that they are going through then it is well and good, but a majority of the parents have no clue with whom their kids are communicating and what sort of conversations they are indulging in. Here also technology comes to the aid and assistance of the parents as they can utilize the services of an SMS tracker application to spy on their kid’s SMS Logs, Call Logs, Mails, Photos/Videos, as well as conversations on Facebook, Skype, Viber, Tinder, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc. Certain SMS tracker applications also reveal the cell phone location using GPS.

Is it ethical for parents to spy on their kid’s cell phone?

A question might come in your mind whether it is ethical to spy on your kid’s cell phone or not. Howsoever unethical it may sound; it can save you and your kids from a lot of trouble. Kids, at their age, are not mature enough to understand the difference between using and misusing a cell phone. Hence, a spy application enables you to interfere in the matters whenever you think that the situation is going out of hand. Following are some compelling reasons behind using an SMS tracker application:

Keep a watch on your kid’s location

There are certain areas in your city or town where you don’t want your kid to go or pass through. An SMS Tracker application can provide you with real-time location of your kid from where you can ascertain whether your kid is in the safe zone or not.

Preventing Identity Theft

Kids are not mature enough to understand where to raise a bar in terms of sharing personal information and photographs over the internet. Hence, they are most vulnerable to cyber crimes such as identity theft. However, with the aid and assistance of the spy application you can, actually, see how much information your kid is sharing over social media applications. This enables you to intervene whenever you see that things are going out of hand.

Browsing Adult Content

Though the internet is a great way to read and gather informational and educational data. However, adult websites are easy to access as well over the internet. By monitoring your kid’s browsing history you can come to know whether your child is accessing irrelevant and adult content or not.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is perhaps the most compelling reason to keep a tab on your kid’s cell phone activities. Cyber Bullying can have a lot of negative consequences. Kids don’t share the same with their parents and often lose their self-confidence with the majority of the teenagers resorting to suicide.

Should Parents Spy On Their Teenagers?


As your kids grow they do indulge in some degree of sexting. While, in this case, it might get hard to intervene, you can always go ahead and educate your kids about responsible online chatting. Many cases of sexting, where more than required personal information is revealed, can lead to blackmailing.

Final Words
There is no reason to think that spying over your kid’s activities on their cell phone is unethical. In fact, it has already become the need of the hour in order to keep your kid safe from the clutches of cyber bullies and online predators.
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