Here Are 2018’s Top Voices for Marketing and Social Media on LinkedIn

A list of the Top Voices for Marketing and Social Media was unveiled by LinkedIn on Tuesday. The professional networking platform reveals that they assessed the activity of these users from September 2017 to mid-September of this year while factors that were significantly taken into consideration included engagement with others, original content and relative follower growth.
"To find standout voices, we use a combination of data and editorial signals. We screen for engagement among professionals sharing in their area of expertise, looking at what kind of conversations — measured by engagement, including comments and re-shares — their original content is creating. We track relative follower growth, too: Are these professionals attracting dedicated fans in their particular sector? Finally, we emphasize quality and diversity; the list should reflect the world we work in.", wrote Lorraine K. Lee, News Editor at LinkedIn. Adding further, "These members have written about everything from SEO and behavioral marketing to defining the CMO role and customer-centric branding. They are curating what you need to know to stay ahead in the rapidly changing world of marketing."
According to LinkedIn, their Top Voices of 2018 are 84 times more likely to reply to comments and posts. They also receive twice as many comments; five times more likes and three times more shares on the content that they post on the platform.

Additionally, the judging panel excluded the employees of LinkedIn and Microsoft from the list.

Here are the Top Voices of 2018 as per LinkedIn, a must follow list for digital marketers:

1. Allen Gannett, author and entrepreneur at Skyword

2. Neil Patel, founder of Neil Patel Digital

3. Shama Hyder, founder, and CEO at Zen Media

4. Tom Goodwin, executive vice president and head of innovation at Zenith Media

5. Goldi Chan, founder of Warm Robots

6. Kat Gordon, founder of The 3% Movement

7. Richard Shotton, head of behavioral science at Manning Gottlieb OMD

8. Kristin Gallucci, brand and marketing strategist of Covet

9. Natalie Riso, content marketing strategist at Studio 71

10. Jill Rowley, chief growth officer at Marketo

LinkedIn Top Voices 2018: Marketing and Social Media
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