The Ads find a new place within the WhatsApp app

According to The Economic Times, WhatsApp will soon start showing ads alongside the user’s statuses. Since the ads are the messaging service’s “primary monetization module”, the company has decided to integrate it within the Statuses to reach more prospects.

At a recent event in New Delhi, the Vice President of WhatsApp Chris Daniels also agreed regarding the changes. However, no certain timeline was offered for the update.

The WhatsApp Statuses were launched early last year as a reproduction of the Stories that users are accustomed to on Instagram and Snapchat. Similar to the Stories feature, the Status allows users to add media combining text, photos, and videos. The statuses are visible to the contacts for 24 hours before they disappear. Nevertheless, the feature is so popular that it even surpassed Snapchat usage.

Since WhatsApp messaging service is free for the users, questions regarding its monetization were making the rounds since it dropped subscription charges in 2016. However, looks like times have changed and the Facebook-owned messaging service is exploring different ways to make money without interrupting the user’s communication.

Stay tuned with us for more updates regarding the new feature!

Get ready for Facebook ads in your WhatsApp chats

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