Workplace separating from the main Facebook site to its own domain

Facebook is disintegrating its Workplace platform made for the corporate by allocating it a different domain due to the security concern that will help in ensuring the corporate security. This information was disclosed by the head of the Facebook Julien Codorniou while visiting Walmart, as reported by CNBC, Julien Codorniou further told media while visiting Walmart that the company was taking steps to further separate Facebook's enterprise business away from its public-facing counterpart. Walmart is comprised of about 30,000 organizations that is one of the biggest client of Workplace by Facebook.

The Workplace was launched on 10 October 2016. The Workplace provides a complete and controlled environment for better communication among the employees in the organization. You can also say that it is the paid version of Facebook that provides maximum control to the corporate for their Facebook Workplace.

Now Facebook after the hacking attack realizes to minimize the integration of it other apps with the parent company “Facebook”, as in case of any misshape it might not affect the other services of the Facebook.

Update on Saturday to include Workplace’s statement.
"As part of Workplace's brand evolution we are migrating to our own domain. This move has been in the works for nearly a year and we are planning to migrate customers to in 2019.” — a Workplace spokesperson said.

Facebook introduces Workplace domain to calm enterprise security fears, Facebook plans to move Workplace to its own domain
Featured image: Workplace by Facebook blog
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