Pinterest introduces a new carousel ad format for business accounts

Pinterest rolls out a new and a rather interesting carousel ad format that allows marketers to include up to five images within one ad. According to Pinterest, the latest update would enable advertisers to express better stories on their platform.

The new Pin carousel appears like a normal Pin but there are several grey dots underneath the image that signifies the multiple images. To see the full images, simply scroll through these dots or click on the Pin.

The varying images can also feature a different set of titles, descriptions, and even landing page. The carousel ads have been a successful format on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which means that it can be beneficial for the Pinterest platform as well.

The Pinterest carousel ads feature is now available for all business accounts users.

Introducing the update, Nancy J, the product marketing manager at Pinterest said, "For the first time, you can use up to 5 images within one ad to tell great stories on Pinterest." Adding further, "Now it’s easy to highlight the many facets of your product or brand, all within a single Pin."

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