New research: Using a smartphone and internet browsing is now just a thought away for 'locked in' people

Brain implant lets paralyzed people turn thoughts into text. Paralyzed people can turn thoughts into actions with the help of computer-brain link technology.A new research can make a significant improvement to the lives of those affected by neurological disease, injury, or limb loss thanks to an electrode array system called BrainGate2.

According to reports, three people paralyzed from the neck down were able to use unmodified computer tablets to text friends, browse the internet, and stream music. The system uses different microelectrodes implanted into the brain that deciphers the neural signals associated with the intention to move a limb.

The three individuals who participated in the experiment had electrode grids implanted over part of their motor cortex – the area of the brain that controls movement. The electrodes picked up the neural activity of the participant and sent them to the virtual mouse that was wirelessly paired to the tablet.

By using just these intentions, the participants were able to conduct several digital tasks including web browsing, chatting with each other, and sending an email. One participant even managed to order groceries online and play the digital piano.

Upon asking their experience regarding the study, the participants showed a lot of contentment and satisfaction.
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Of course, brain-computer interface technology has been around for many years now. However, what makes this study so unique is that it allows users to navigate completely unmodified.

The concluding report of the study also claimed that a few basic changes could make the tablet more accessible to general users who are going through the disorder.

Nonetheless, the findings of the report demonstrate that those with limited control over the environment can also gain partial independence without the assistance of expensive or specialist gadgets.

Overall, the new technology can definitely influence the lives of people around us in a positive manner. Hoping the new device is executed promptly and into the hands of those who have a neurological disease soon.
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