No Fluff Just The Right Stuff: A Cleaner Change to Google Search Results

Google has completely changed the way we acquire information from one another. The tech giant is consistently changing the way it does things, and one of the major changes it has made is that it helps people search for what they are looking for. One of the major changes that it has made is that it has started to answer certain queries without listing other web pages. You might have noticed this already while using Google search.

Essentially, there are certain queries that Google answers using a variety of built in tools that it has at its disposal. For example, if you search for the result to a specific calculation and as long as that calculation is relatively simple, you will find the answer to your question in a box at the very top of the search results. This also includes unit converters, random number generators as well as a timer. All queries that have anything to do with these tools will be answered with the built-in tools instead of showing a lit of 10+ websites, links and descriptions.

The main benefit of this feature, indeed the very reason why Google started doing it in the first place is because of the fact that it reduces the amount of time required to answer a query. You will still be able to access the traditional web links that you know and love by clicking on the "Show all results" button that would be visible underneath the Google tool.
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This is an interesting change and it marks the way forward for the internet: fast, simple and streamlined for smartphone use. Smartphones often took longer to respond with the old version of Google. This change is going to make smartphone use a great deal more efficient than it would have been otherwise.

Google now directly answering certain mobile searches without other web results
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