The Chances of Automation Taking Away Your Livelihood (infographic)

We live in a day and age where everything is becoming increasingly automated. What this means is that robots are going to start doing a lot of things for us. Pretty much everything can be automated. Indeed, you would be surprised at just how many things robots can already do, let alone what they might be able to accomplish in the future.

There are a number of benefits associated with automation. Things will happen more efficiently, a lot of the more dangerous jobs that humans have had to do will be done by robots which means that fewer people will end up getting injured or potentially even killed in the line of duty. All of that being said, while it is definitely a good sign that tasks are going to end up becoming increasingly automated, it is also true that the robots that will be doing these jobs are going to end up putting real human beings out of work.
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This is pretty understandable. After all, why would anyone hire and pay a regular salary person to do a job that a robot will end up doing for free. Previous stages of automation meant that humans could be hired to maintain the robots that were taking their jobs, but now automation is getting to a point where it is becoming self sustaining.

What this means is that you might end up losing your job because of automation and not have any other options to look into. You don’t need to panic just yet, though. The infographic below is going to tell you what jobs are going to become fully automated in the near future. This will help you understand if your job is in danger in the first place.

Will a Robot Take Your Job? - infographic
The Chances of Automation Taking Away Your Livelihood (infographic)
Key Stats from above visual:

Nearly one fifth of the global workforce could feel the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) advancements in their workplace by 2020.

Roles like data entry, accounting and assembly workers are likely to become redundant, after the revolution of automation.

While AI will make some jobs obsolete, experts predict it will make way for job creation in other areas, including, robotics engineers, innovation professionals and solution designers.
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