2018 Holiday Marketing Trends and Research Report (infographic)

In the past 5 years, the dynamics of the marketing has totally changed. Specifically, after Google and Facebook has made some major changes to their search and feed algorithm. For that reason, everyone is in the search of effective marketing techniques that ultimately benefit them.

Therefore the folks at Slidely have searched and collected some of the most basic approaches that are adopted by the companies which are very successful in marketing their product. Some of the key features of their marketing approach are as follows.

Video marketing is on the rise in the 2018 year. Thanks in the overall improvement of internet speed in all over the world. About 50% of the digital marketers are using this content format to promote their products.

Nearly 8 in 10 of the marketers are using video tool as a part of their marketing strategy to promote their products.

Like always, Facebook dominates in Ads. As 80% of the respondents plan to spend their holiday budget via Facebook advertisement.

Holiday Marketing Trends and Research [Infographic]
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