Google Search Enables Users To Add Comments

Google Search Enables Users To Add CommentsAlthough Google announced to halt Google+ for consumers because of a privacy bug in October, the company is still focusing on social as we have witnessed some amazing features recently such as the users can now follow stores and message directly to the businesses from Google Maps.

Now, Google is adding the ability to leave comments for users in Google search, as reported by 9to5Google.

Google has been working on a section featuring the contributions of users, and "Your contributions" section is finally active.

Google Search is adding user comments, starting with live sports

In a previous update of the same feature, the users were able to write reviews on books and movies etc., but the comments feature is relatively new. The feature is also confirmed officially on a support page. This feature is limited to live sports games yet and will be added to other searches gradually.
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A new "Comments" section will be featured on Supported Knowledge Panels on the web as well as Google app where the users can add a public comment. Regular Viewers and Sports Commentators will be filtered and separated by the common viewers. Few other options will also be there for the users such as like/dislike and reporting the malicious messages. Screening of the comments is also planned by Google.

You will be able to see the comments in your "About me" page and the comments from the anonymous users won't be allowed. You can also delete the comments from "Your contributions" page, and an option to delete in bulk is also available.

The Comments section is still not live for many sports so cannot be checked at the moment.

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