Pixel Data Sharing Process and Instagram Analytics updated, announced Facebook

It is a big challenge for you to connect your physical business to the performance of your efforts made on Facebook. Although, it's really very difficult to analyze the effectiveness of a Facebook Ad in some scenarios like when a user makes an immediate purchase without clicking on the Ad.

As the purchase process and nature of modern discovery is variable, connecting an exact figure to your Facebook performance is not easy, but now Facebook is on the verge to add more effective tools to help you with the performance analysis.

So, Facebook has just announced an update regarding this. Facebook data tracking Pixel will now provide more options for businesses to help them merge point of sale data of third-party providers with Facebook performance.

All you have to explain your business's relationship with the partner organization you want to share your data with. You also have to reaffirm your compliance with Facebook's Business Tools Terms of Service.

The data sharing will be facilitated in a more accountable and transparent way in this option, enabling your business to improve the effectiveness of your Facebook ads.

Another online/offline connection tool is announced by Facebook that will generate more interest. The launch of Instagram Account and advanced page analytics beta program is also announced by Facebook.

The new Instagram analytics enables advertisers to do the following:
  • Analysis of the people who comment on your posts and value they can bring to your business in separate segments.
  • They'll be able to understand their Instagram audience. It will be applicable to the people who download their app, visit their site or engage with their Facebook Page.
  • Comparison of the lifetime value of those who had an interaction with your Instagram account to those who don't.
  • They'll be able to discover the people with higher retention rates who commented or liked their Instagram posts.
These options will bring more transparency to Instagram marketers. As Facebook's revenue was slowing down in growth, these new updates will help them increase.

Facebook Updates Pixel Data Sharing Process, Announces Advanced Instagram Analytics Beta

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