After WhatsApp, Facebook Finally Introduces the “Unsend” Feature On Messenger

Good news for those who are prone to making typing errors during messaging! Facebook has introduced an “unsend” feature for its Messenger users that will allow users to immediately delete messages that are sent by mistakes.

However, the new feature is currently only available in Bolivia, Colombia, Poland, and Lithuania but it is anticipated that the same will soon come to other countries as well.

The “unsend” feature of Messenger works similarly to that of WhatsApp. Users can delete the message within 10 minutes while a marker will show the recipient that a message was deleted.

Facebook Messenger starts rolling out Unsend feature

Moreover, our sources tell us that there are more “unsend” options in the kitty for Facebook users. Although, their release dates are not yet announced but setting expiration dates on unencrypted messages and automatically deleting the entire conversation threads are some of the new features Facebook is working on.

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