Google's GSuite Twitter Account has been hacked by the Bitcoin Scammers

Twitter is not as smart as other social media platforms in term of security. And that is the reason, Twitter is exploited by the hackers many times in the past, though the micro-blogging site has been taking many steps to fully secure the users. The implementation of Two Factor Authentication is the best example of it.

But it seems nothing is favoring the Twitter, as few hours before, some users discovered that one of the Twitter account has been misused by the hacker to promote bitcoins. That account was not other than G Suit account, operated by Google. The account was hacked almost for 11 minutes, as reported by TheNextWeb. But it has yet to be confirmed how long these tweets remain on the Twitter feed. Bitcoin scammer hacked the account to promote the cryptocurrency.

This attack was not limited to Google account but it also affected the “Target” a famous retail shop Twitter account, though the attacking attempt was failed but still the tweet linking to a malicious Bitcoin giveaway remained on Twitter feed for approximately half an hour.
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Twitter is working hard to tighten the security to prevent themselves against the attack but it seems bad actors are much smarter than the social network expected, a few months before scammer used Elon Musk accounts that were banned by the Twitter. Despite this reassurance from the company, still, the hackers are using ‘Elon Musk’ name for scamming and abusing Twitter's advertising feature.

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