4 Tips to Optimize a Small PPC Budget

Digital marketing is a force that businesses can’t afford to ignore anymore. But then again the prospect of spending thousands of dollars a month for a marketing campaign with an indeterminate ROI doesn’t seem to chime with the objectives of most small businesses as it is thought to eat up an absurdly large fraction of their revenue.

Well, the notion that PPC marketing will set you back a fortune is a misleading one and should never stop you from letting the world know about your brand. This article is for small businesses that know the importance of PPC marketing but are held back by the fear of their budget not matching the pricing for a PPC agency. Here are four tips to launching a successful PPC marketing campaign without necessarily breaking the bank for it.

1. Focus on high-conversion components

Focusing your attention on keywords and ad groups that have been performing excellently is likely to pay more than working on everything at once. Look out for the keywords that haven’t been working well and put them on pause. The money you save from this can be transferred to alternatives that have been converting at higher rates or saved to be used in high-budget campaigns later.

2. Identify components that won’t be affected by budget cuts

As you work to reduce the number of components in your campaign, ensure what remains in your list can be maintained continuously. You could choose to keep five of your highest performing ad groups and keep the others on pause or continue only with exact-match keywords for better audience targeting.

3. Expand your list of negative keywords

Remember, you don’t want to spend your money on traffic that is not exactly interested in your product. Keep expanding your negative keyword list to ensure you are only reaching people who are looking for your product and not something else with a similar name.

Obtain your data from the See Search Terms Reports tool to identify negative keywords. This tool lets you in on the exact queries users have been typing in to find your product. Note that some external factors such as trending topics may count against your campaign as well. For instance, if there is a new hit song that has the same name as your product, use of negative keywords will ensure your adds do not pop up for users who are looking for this song.

4. How much are you spending on mobile devices?

Since you are targeting a specific audience, there is a chance some devices will have a significantly higher conversion rate than others. Select ‘Devices’ in the settings and check the data. If mobile devices are performing poorly, consider reducing bids from mobile phones by, say, 25 percent to save on the high costs. In some instances, you may have to exclude mobile devices altogether.

If the conversion rate is the highest on mobile devices, though, you may have to cut back on your bids for tablets and computers and be more aggressive on mobile devices.

4 Tips to Optimize a Small PPC Budget
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