YouTube CEO Curses EU's Controversial Copyright Reform, Asked Internet Users to Raise Voice

Susan Wojcicki, the YouTube CEO, cursed the EU's controversial copyright reform directive in her quarterly letter to the creators. She specifically pinpointed the Article 13 "meme ban", according to which the social media giants like Facebook and YouTube are responsible to take down the copyrighted content that is shared by the users. According to Wojcicki, millions of people will be unable to upload the videos to YouTube.

There are several other controversial parts in this Article for example now publishers will be able to ask these online platforms for paid licenses if they share their stories and articles.

YouTube has a lot of concerns with the Article 13 which is directly related to the content generated by the users as it has to scan and filter all the content uploaded by the users to make sure that they are not violating the copyrights.

Nowadays, the content creators use music, videos, and pictures to create remixed content that may also be considered as copyrighted material. Although some countries protect memes and parodies, still YouTube's upload filters would not be able to differentiate between a meme and a copyright violation. So, the allowed content may also be blocked.
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According to the YouTube CEO, this article may block the EU based users from viewing the content that is already on YouTube. The jobs of EU based content creators are also on risk. YouTube is currently working to find a better solution to respect copyright policies.

She further asked the content creators to spread their word against this legislation and widely use the hashtag #SaveYourInternet.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki urges social media video creators to protest European copyright law

Image: TechCrunch / flickr
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