Twitter Tightened the Grip against Fake Account

Twitter has also started feeling the heat before the midterm election. Besides hacking, spamming and fake account is the 2nd biggest problem social media is facing. As the midterm elections are approaching Twitter started crackdown on fake accounts that are engaging in spreading disinformation. According to the Twitter recent policy update, the account holders asked to comply the following rules and regulations otherwise account will be blocked.
  • Account that will uses stock or stolen avatar photos, stolen or copied profile bios, misleading profile information or profile location. Twitter now considers these accounts as fake accounts
  • Accounts that are owned by the person or organization that has already been banned by the Twitter will be removed as well. 
  • Accounts that claim responsibility for a hack
Before this, Twitter announced their last policy in February from where they got positive feedback in combating propaganda that encouraged the company to further tighten the policies. In August, Twitter blocked almost 770 accounts, mostly were operating from Iran engaging in disinformation. The company also declined in number of reports of spam related accounts declining from 17000 per day from May to 16000 per day in September. Twitter expect the same results as they got before.

Twitter issues new rules that will get accounts banned
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