It's time to say Goodbye to the Moments on Mobile Devices, says Twitter

From October 23rd, you'll not be able to create a Moment through your iOS and Android apps because Twitter is shutting down this feature. This feature will still be available on the web version of Twitter. According to Twitter, this feature was not that popular so they had to stop it. And, they'll now focus on other products for their customers.

"When features aren't used as often, we’ll remove them, so we can focus on building other products you’ll love.", said Twitter support team in a tweet.

"Have a story you want to tell through a Moment? It's still possible! Head over to on desktop (or laptop devices) to create and share your Moments with the (world)!", reminded Twitter in an additional tweet.

What is the Moment Feature?

Using Moments, you can send integrate more than one tweets so you can tell a story. The tweets with the images and videos can also be integrated into it. All these stories remain in the single tab. Twitter did not answer the question that is in many people's minds that why it is wasting the time by removing this feature from the apps. There is a possibility that Twitter has now realized that the maintenance of this feature may cost them in terms of efforts and time.
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Twitter puts an end to creating 'moments' feature on the phone
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