CatChat: New Snapchat Filters Available – For Your Feline Friends

We are all familiar with Snapchat’s facial-recognition feature that allows us to put different filters on our faces. Well, now the popular photo-sharing app has upgraded its technology that now enables cat owners to use specific filters on their cats too.

Tech experts report that the new feature might be a retaliation of the recent report by Snap – the parent company of Snapchat that reported a drop in their daily active users. According to the statistic, Snapchat experienced a drop by three million to 188 million between the months of April and June.

The new feature will allow users to decorate their pets with different accessories such as hats, glasses, and even slices of bread.

Up until now, the face-recognition feature of Snapchat was limited to humans and some breeds of dogs. However, the recent update will be a welcome addition for users who enjoy taking selfies with their feline friends.

Apart from Snapchat, camera-maker Sony is also working on advancements that work on animals similar to that of a human being.

Snapchat has added filters for your cat

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