Crowdbeamer: Start Presenting On The Go

Crowdbeamer: The presentation system that amplifies your messageWhile today people are having more meetings than ever, where and how they meet is changing rapidly. As people are more mobile than ever and workspace is organized in a more flexible way in many companies, meetings increasingly tend to happen just about anywhere: in a huddle space, a hotel lobby, a lounge at the airport...

And while it is true that technology doesn’t rest, very few presentation technologies make it possible to share content in an easy way outside a fully equipped meeting room. Until now. RORYCO has recently come out with a unique presentation system for streaming content to an audience anywhere you want, called Crowdbeamer. Without requiring any software installation, you can simply plug in the device and start sharing to any mobile device around you. Crowdbeamer allows you to share any type of content, including PowerPoint presentations, online documents, video and web pages.

Crowdbeamer: Start Presenting On The Go

A unique aspect of Crowdbeamer is its full autonomy. Since Crowdbeamer generates its own local Wi-Fi network and has a battery that lasts up to 3 hours, you can use it wherever you are. As a result, the use cases are endless. Crowdbeamer can turn any in- or outdoor space into a fully functional meeting environment.

For the audience to watch the presentation on their own device, they simply need to download the free crowdbeamer app. This way they always have the best possible view of what is being presented. Besides watching the presentation, they also have the possibility to capture content, add notes or mark text. That gives them the possibility to create a personalized library of handouts.

While there are many different systems to present content to an audience, Crowdbeamer is the one that allows you to do it on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Request a free demo now to see how Crowdbeamer works and how it can benefit your business.
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