Content marketers rejoice! Videos uploaded on Vimeo can be published to LinkedIn with Single Click

LinkedIn gets serious about video with Vimeo integrationVideo content can now be published directly from Vimeo to company pages on LinkedIn, as announced recently by Vimeo.

With a single click, creators will be able to share videos to their LinkedIn company pages using "Publish to Social" feature on Vimeo.
"As a creator-first platform, we know how much work already goes into crafting the perfect video. Distributing those videos across your social channels — aka sharing it with the world — should be the easy part.", said Vimeo in a blog post.
Users will also be able to access the video analytics, the stats like viewership and performance from LinkedIn.

According to Peter Roybal, principal product manager at LinkedIn, this initiative will be beneficial for the users who want to analyze their audience and need to increase their exposure to LinkedIn's professional audience as video content is now an effective media of engagement.
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How it will Benefit Marketers?

The social media marketers can be benefit from this Vimeo-LinkedIn company integration as below:
  • As LinkedIn said previously that videos bring more views and engagements on company pages as compared to other types of posts, the brands on LinkedIn could increase their viewership and engagement uploading native videos.
  • Using Vimeo's powerful "Publish to Social" feature, the videos can be shared to multiple destinations with a single click.
  • Now Vimeo dashboard allows marketers to access their video analytics from LinkedIn. Performance, engagement, and viewership can be tracked across the destinations where the videos were distributed.
"Direct videos upload with one click" is not the first time that Vimeo has been integrated end-to-end with a video platform. The "Publish to Social" feature is also available for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter too. All paid Vimeo subscribers would be able to use this feature.
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