Facebook Users got in Panic over a Hoax News

Over the weekend, Facebook users got in panicked on a fake message. People are sharing posts, you might have seen on your news feed giving warning that their account has been hacked, “Please don’t accept any friendship that appears to be their account”. The warning was spread from the Facebook messenger, it was actually started from the fake account from where sender claimed that he received a friend request from you. Your account might has been hacked. Please share it with your friend by forwarding this message. The overall message looked like this.

Facebook friend hoax tricks users into thinking account was hacked

The good thing is that it was totally a hoax news, your account was secure, no fraudulent has been done to your account. The bad thing is that people are again caught in fake news. They still do not come out from the Facebook massive hacking news. The better way to react was that they should first critically investigate from their end by searching their own name, to check whether there is an account of same name with your picture. If it was the case then they must have to report that account and message their friend privately to tell them that their account has been hacked. But it’s not a right way to notify your friends by telling them to forward this message to others that created panics among the others as well.
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