12.5 million Hacked Emails are Publicly available over the Internet

An online security company “Digital shadow” recently conducted a research in which they uncovered 33K emails credentials of finance departments from different companies, that were hacked. This does not stop here, more than 80 percent of the emails are hacked along with their password information as well. Though, this time hacking was caused due to the user’s negligence from “Phishing Attack”.

Hacking email accounts via phishing attack is not new. Phishing is a type of instant message which direct user to put information into the fake site which is the clone of original website, the difference is only of URL address. The annual worth of phishing attack is in millions of dollars. FBI conducted a report in which they claimed almost 12 billion dollars worth of phishing attack has been done from last 6 years. Out of those compromised accounts, 41058 victims belonged to USA and 2565 were the others. Email hacking via phishing is so normal that even the hackers are providing email hacking services online for just 100 - 200 dollars.
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But we can minimize the risk of phishing attack. Company should need to configure the cloud accounts and internet devices properly and minimize the use of online platform for payments. In addition to that, awareness should be given to the employees regarding Business Email Compromise to avoid any risk.

Business email compromise made easy for cybercriminals as 12.5 million company email inboxes and 33,000 finance department credentials openly accessible on the web
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