Security Breach: Facebook Issued Instructions to Avoid Further Damage

Facebook encircled in problems from the past few days, trying to recover it from the damage as soon as possible. This scandal does not only bring the bad name to the company reputation (for which they are struggling hard to recover) but this time they have to suffer financial losses as well. It is reported that Facebook value fell about almost 13 billion dollar till now that is nightmare for the company. Analyst are saying that Facebook may face 1.63 billion dollar fine by European Union.

Facebook (apparently) is working hard leaving no stone unturned to recover from the shock as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the company. To maximize security, Facebook is sharing guidelines to the users on safer side to fully secure the social network. Following are the instruction needed to be followed.
  • Verify the payment settings to ensure that there have been no unauthorized changes to payment detail. 
  • Confirm the roles and permission of pages, groups, apps, ad accounts and business accounts, in case of any change, report it to Facebook. 
  • Check the active ad campaigns in Ads Manager to ensure that there have no unauthorized changes in payment detail. 
  • Review Marketplace accounts to ensure that there are no listings that were not created by account holder. 
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Facebook suggested account security measures for pages, admins, groups, apps, advertisers, businesses following last week’s breach
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