Dangers of Prolonged Sitting and how to Address it?

This new research might shock you if you spend the majority of your time sitting in front of a laptop or desktop and using your brain consistently to perform your daily tasks. According to a recent research, you may badly affect your brain by sitting for that long because the supply line that is responsible to provide energy to your brain can have affected negatively.

Why so?

Brain to body mass:

Although, your brain to body mass ratio is 1:40, your brain needs up to 20% of the total energy to function while you are sitting in a chair.

How the energy is stored?

Mostly, it is stored in the form of glucose, and the blockage of glucose to the brain cells can result in some serious health issues as our body depends on the brain to function.


Higher and lower level of glucose can lead to dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Frequent up-and-down of glucose levels can be very risky for you.

What to do?

Check your glucose levels regularly to avoid any serious problem. And, even the glucose levels are normal, make a habit to take a walk on daily basis.

Why Prolonged Sitting is dangerous and how to take care?

According to the experts, sitting for too long can increase the risk of an early death. To reduce the risks, it is highly recommended to exercise for at least an hour daily, if you spend more than eight hours daily in sitting.

Another worth applying idea is to take short breaks during your work routine and talk a walk for some time, especially, if you take your meals during the routine work. Any sort of physical activity works and reduce the risks.

Final Words:

Consider taking breaks and doing a little exercise during your daily routine to make your brain work efficiently and reduce any health risks.

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How Sitting for Long Periods of Time Can Actually Affect Your Brain
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