Life Hacks: How to Bring Meditation Into the Workplace - #infographic

Maybe you think that you absolutely don’t have time to meditate at work, or maybe you’re sceptical of the benefits of mindfully meditating for such a short space of time in the midst of your busy office environment. But, no matter how busy you are, making time for meditation will have a positive impact on both your productivity levels and your happiness. You can begin by practicing the art of mindful drinking with your water, before learning how to complete a ten minute body scan at your desk, which is designed to enable you to effectively get in touch with your body, let go of demands, and release pent-up emotions.

For other ideas on how to bring meditation into your workplace, read our full infographic below.

Infographic source: cashnetusa.
How to Bring Meditation Into the Workplace  - #infographic
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